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Summer Activities for Summer Break

Summer Activities for Summer Break

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Looking for something fun for the kids to do this summer? Check out our mermaid-themed summer break activity pack, available for instant download!

With a variety of 21 activities, your little one(s) will have plenty to keep them entertained and engaged this summer break. The best part? You get to pick how you want to tackle them. You can go for a traditional four across, four diagonal, or four down, or if your little one(s) is feeling ambitious, they can complete all 21 tasks! We’ve included a menu sheet to help you keep track of progress. Your little one(s) will feel accomplished and productive after completing these challenges, and they may even learn some new skills along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started on this summer challenge together!

The 21 activities included are: 

 ice cream order form
 I can find
 draw a summer selfie
 count how many 
 creative writing
 design Sydney's bedroom
 summer a-z
 creative writing
 summer sudoku
 summer word search
 writing practice
 this or that
 creative writing
 word scramble
 crack the code

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