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Barbados Country Study (Deluxe Edition)

Barbados Country Study (Deluxe Edition)

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Let's explore the country of Barbados! Your little one(s) will love this fun-fact-filled country study project, (duplicate text to the original booklet) reading comprehension passages with multi-choice questions, differentiated booklet options, boarding passes, postcards, and country-themed fun worksheet activities!

What's Included?

The Original Country Study (11-page PDF)
  • the flag of Barbados
  • a map of Barbados
  • seven super fun country-specific facts
  • local currency information
  • local sayings
The Reading Comprehension (11-Page PDF) 
  • 11 pages of reading comprehension continent-themed recap questions with 2-4 multiple choice answers per recap question
The Differentiated Booklets  (11-page PDFs)
  • blank no text
  • lines with no text
  • no images
The Bonus Pages Include (4-page PDF)
  • duplicated three per page boarding passes
  • 3 x country themed postcards (fold in half and glue)
The Activity Sheets (12-Page PDF)
  • drawing prompts
  • writing prompts
  • letter matching
  • writing practice
  • reading challenge
  • ABC word sort
  • fun fact recapping
  • acrostic poem
  • letter find
  • country name written in individual letters to cut out and mess up to then have your little learner(s) put in the correct order 
File Info
  • Instant digital download 
  • Compressed file 
  • Formatted to letter paper- 8.5 x 11 
  • US English 
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Explore our two options for this Country Study Product: 

Option #1 
  • 11-page PDF filled with country-specific fun facts 
  • 11 pages of reading comprehension country-themed recap questions

Option #2  
Barbados Country Study Differentiated + Activity Pages + Bonus Pages (what you are currently viewing): 
  • 11-page PDF filled with country-specific fun facts  
  • 11 pages of reading comprehension country-themed recap questions
  • three additional versions of the original booklet: blank no text, lines with no text, and no images
  • 12 pages of super fun country-themed activities
  • not for sale country-specific bonus pages- boarding passes and postcards

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